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Vellum & Parchment for Furnishings, Writing, and Artwork

Vellum Tanning

We use only U.S. domestic skins: GOAT, KIP, CALF, and STEER. Our primary focus is to provide a premium quality hide, clean, and uniform in thickness and color. We have the size and thickness to serve every customer's needs.

  • Our GOAT hides make beautiful table tops, cabinet doors, and wall panels.
  • KIP and CALF hides make perfect lampshades.
  • WHITE and AMBER TRANSLUCENT RAWHIDE STEER is available to the saddle industry. Hides are available as whole hides or sides.
  • SHEEPSKIN PARCHMENT is also available.

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Foss Lampshade
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O.G.Z. Ltd

O.G.Z. Ltd

Vellum for Writing

Vellum for Writing